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I appreciate the time and encouragement of those I have had the pleasure to work with.  Thank you for choosing me,  for trusting me and for learning from me.  I thank you for letting me into your lives and sharing in your experiences.  The knowledge I have learned from each of the births I have attended will strengthen generations to come.  I will share my knoweledge. You will share your knowledge and your children will learn from your expereince. The circle of life conitnues with truth, support, knowledge and respect.  Many Blessings to You and Your Family

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The best Doula in the world, this woman is amazing, great spirit, lots of passion and determined, she is good at what she does. ANY woman would want Angela in their delivery room coaching them through the birthing process and I mean that with all my heart!

Maria Vernon-Houston, Solve Maternity Homes ​

On October 6, 2016 my husband and I welcomed to the world a little baby boy with the help of Angela as our Birth Doula. From early on when we decided to hire a Doula, we knew we would not regret the decision to go with Angela. Throughout the pregnancy she took time to get to know us individually but also as a couple. She was very inquisitive during our initial sessions in order to completely understand how we envisioned our labor and delivery, and what role she would play. During these assessments it allowed us to explore within ourselves what may hinder a positive experience due to fears etc, and we were able to proactively plan. She continually shared reference material to help prepare us for what was to come, keeping our ideal experience in mind. She always kept close contact when she knew doctor appointments were coming up, checked in regularly to see how I was feeling, and shared inspiring birth stories along the way to remind us that we could accomplish the birth we were hoping for. Her caring personality reassured us that she would be exactly the support we needed during the pregnancy, labor, and delivery. When I finally went into labor a day before my due date, Angela assessed everything and made suggestions to allow me to labor at home for as long as possible which was important to us. She came to our house and helped me through each contraction making suggestions to use different techniques, but never forced one over the other. She presented options and allowed me to go with my instinct of what would work best for me during the contraction at hand (breathing, movement, massage, etc). She assisted us in making the decision to head to the hospital when we did, and not even 2 hours later our son was born. Without Angela we wouldn’t have had the successful all natural delivery we planned for. Her calm demeanor and passion for what she does is commendable. We had an incredible experience with Angela and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have an encouraging Birth Doula join them on their journey to welcome a child. Angela is AMAZING! 

Britney Borlase, New Mom

​I am very thankful for all the support Angela gave me and my family during my delivery, I don't know if I was going to be able to have a vaginal birth without her support, positivism and knowledge during labor. Also did the belly casting with her, so happy with the results, great job and now I will have the memory of my belly during my 1st pregnancy.  

Yeirelisse Marine, New Mom 

Angela was absolutely amazing! I could not have done it without her. My first child I was dilated at a 3 and begging for the epidural. This time with Angela's help ,my second child, I was dilated at an 8 and decided to just get the gas. She has amazing techniques, skills and is so encouraging and supportive throughout the whole labor process. I would recommend her to anybody and if we have a third I will definitely be using her again.! :) 

Rachel Falkowski, Mom of 2 

My husband and I took a private natural birth class with Angela. I feel very confident and well informed after meeting with her for two evenings. Would highly recommend for those looking for more information and resources about natural birth! 

Ann Breitinger, New Mom   

Angela is the best Birth Doula anyone could ask for! My daughter was determined to have a natural birth and, even in her time of uncertainty (when her labor pains were very intense), Angela was able to empower her by reminding her that she is a strong, capable woman. Her labor only lasted 1 ½ hours and I truly believe that this was due to Angela’s expertise in knowing how to help my daughter work with her body and her baby. She made us feel comfortable and was very in tune to my daughter’s needs. Angela’s presence in the room was the perfect combination of strong yet calming. After my daughter delivered her baby, she was so amazed and proud of herself. The whole experience was incredible and has helped my daughter be a more confident woman. I will be forever grateful to Angela for facilitating an unforgettably wonderful birthing experience for us. 

Jessie Cordero, Mother of Mom to be  

Angela is not only an amazing force to have on your side during your birth, she is also an incredibly talented artist. My belly casting experience was truly a joy, so relaxing and fun fun fun! I met her personally the day of our casting, she came over to my house and what a fantastic surprise it was to talk and get to know her! She is truly an amazing soul, full of passion for what she does, kindness, is outgoing, and full of warmth. It would be impossible to not sincerely enjoy her company an inviting presence that she brings with her.

The whole process from start to finish seemed to take no time at all and my toddler watched and enjoyed himself throughout. Afterwards Angela not only cleaned up her things but pretty much cleaned my kitchen along with it!

I received my finished painted product just recently and I was blown away. It is truly striking the way she has designed and painted it. Just gorgeous. I can’t wait to mount it and have family and friends admire a snapshot of this journey of my last pregnancy.

Thavey Cordoba, Mother to be of 3 

Angela was so amazing in assisting my husband and I with the birth of our second child!! She helped to ease my fears about hospital birth and empower me to have the all natural labor I had wanted for my first child!! She took extra time to find my likes and dislikes to help create the optimal birthing environment. Angela made me feel comfortable and capable! I cannot thank her enough for the experience she fostered!! She still made it all about my husband and the baby and helped us to feel like a team!! I will never have another baby without a doula like Angela!!

Meghan Layton, Mother of 3

"I have helped Meghan with 2 births."