About Me - Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula

Angela Campano, CD(DONA), CBE


I am Angela Campano Certified Happy Birth Ways Childbirth Educator and a DONA Certified Birth Doula.  I am a mother of 3 amazing children. I was born to Colombian, South American parents in Miami, Florida. Though my upbringing was tough and challenging I managed to survive and thrive.  Growing up without proper loving support has made me an empathetic, honest and loving person.  I love painting, upcycling, healing my family of aliments, volunteering, dancing, singing and nature.  After working in a business where I made good money but had little self-fulfillment, I discovered my talent for healing.  I started with myself.  I had terrible acne when I was 26.  I had no clue why?  Everywhere I went led to expensive dead ends.  I left my job and started classes to acquire my Facial Specialist license.  Helping to figure out a natural cure for my acne and helping others improve theirs was exhilarating.  I loved finding out more natural ways of taking care of my body.

We then packed up and left for the foothills of Western North Carolina to find a better place to raise our future children.  I was a stay at home mom, with extra energy to volunteer and help friends with skin issues or questions.  I was the Vice President of the Mom’s Club, PTO President for my sons’ school and I ran a very successful school Auction night. I have always been proud to give back.  My discovery for natural and organic living blossomed as well with the many people I encountered who were returning back to more natural roots.  We grew organic vegetables and had chickens; fun times and hard work.  I attribute this growth and empowerment to my first birth.  I was no longer in a box and the “that’s the way it has always been done” attitude of others. I searched for new ways to do things and was not afraid of nay-sayers.  For example: I challenged doctors about my children’s ailments and found natural ways to cure them without antibiotics. 

In 2002, I had my first birth.  This birth was by far the longest.  My husband and I went to the hospital at 3cm, nervous and excited with mild contractions.  These surges became quite difficult for me to handle at 6cm.  I became scared and with constant pressure from my nurse about the epidural, I finally got it. Once this happened, my labor stalled.  My wonderful husband, kept a watchful eye on me but with me lying in a bed doing nothing for hours and hours, his poor body demanded sleep and food, leaving me alone and feeling abandoned.  He needed a break and if I would have had a Doula, it would have made this experience a more positive one for both of us.  I went to the hospital at 8am and by 1am I had a healthy, sleepy baby boy.  My new birth was full of curiosity for more knowledge in natural labor.  I started studying births in preparation for my next birth.  I researched, read and watched videos.  With my second born, I was intent to have him naturally and hire a Doula.  I was patient at home during the start of my contractions.  Once I knew those rushes were coming quickly, and furiously, I had my doula meet us at the hospital.  I was checked at 7cm and then off to the tub I went.  I wish I could tell you that my Doula was a huge help, but unfortunately not all Doulas are like me.  I pushed for 2 hours and he would not descend.  I finally agreed to an epidural to help stall the labor and let all my insides relax a bit.  After this I pushed for 2 more hours it seemed. We lost my son's heartbeat a couple of times.  The doctor was very concerned and I was then rushed to surgery. I had a healthy vigorous baby boy via C-section.  He was alert and nursed right away.  This new birth empowered me to seek even more information and the understanding of how the body actually works through the natural process.   It also gave me the understanding that the medical obstetrics has a place in saving the lives of the baby and mothers.  It also inspired me to look into becoming a birth doula.  Ready with even more knowledge and now VBACbound, I was prepared to have a new birth once I found out I was pregnant again. The day I went into labor with my daughter, I regretted not having a birth doula for my VBAC.   But how could I pay another stranger and put my trust in her when my first experience was not positive? Like a said, not all Doulas are like me.  I went into labor and labored perfectly until fear got the best of me.  This was where a Doula would have helped ground me, apply pressure and comfort me the way no other person would have.  Not even my midwife was comforting to me.  She was there to medically make sure this VBAC was safe.  No trained person was there for all the emotional changes one goes through during labor, let alone a VBAC. My DONA Birth Doula training has now provided me with knowledge and understanding of how a woman's body processes labor.  I had my new birth and a healthy vibrant baby girl via VBAC.  Woo Hoo!  If I was interested after my second born in becoming a Doula, well now with my Doula Training and after 3 very different births, my thirst for becoming an awesome Birth Doula was on fire.  I am proud to say with the support of my amazing husband, who has seen my growth and supportive children; I have followed the path that God intended me to have.  

With the combination of my knowledge and my love for giving back to my community, I have volunteered as a Birth Doula and Life Coach for the women and girls at Solves Maternity Homes.  Solve Maternity Homes offers support for pregnant women of all ages by providing housing, education, counseling, health care resources, childbirth and parenting classes, adoption assistance, and spiritual support for the duration of pregnancy and pre-determined time post birth. I need to be that support person for women in labor.  They need an empathic person who has personally experienced and been a part of different types of births.  I became a Certified Childbirth Educator in 2016 through Happy Birth Ways.  I became a certified DONA Birth Doula in August of 2017. I created a complete, supportive and fun-interactive class called Your New Birth the Happy Birth Ways.  I have learned from all my experiences and those I have helped how important it is to be supported, listened too, educated and nurtured.  Offering birth doula services, I now have seen, educated and supported women in their New Birth. Their New Birth's were beautiful, empowering and unifying and that was proof to me of where God’s path led me.  Are you ready for Your New Birth?