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Childbirth Education Classes

As a Certified Happy Birth Way Childbirth Educator, I,  Angela Campano CBE, CD(DONA) will help prepare you for  your upcoming labor journey. The Happy Birth Way Childbirth  Classes are designed to help parents with: 

· Breath and movement for pregnancy and labor 

· The physiological process of labor 

· Partner support 

· Labor Hormones

· Pain relief: medical and natural 

· Birth place options 

· Medical variations 

· Labor induction: medical and natural 

· Intro to baby care 

· Intro to breastfeeding 

No matter where a woman is planning to have her baby, and no matter what type of birth she is planning, Happy Birth Way classes will help her prepare her mind and body for the intense event of labor and birth. Private or Group Classes Available

*Now Introducing  Your Labor Dance

Certified DONA Birth Doula Angela Campano Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch Florida

Birth Doula

Angela Campano, CD(DONA) DONA Certified Birth Doula

I am a birth doula who is trained, certified and experienced in: 

providing continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth. I also provide emotional and practical support during the postpartum period. 

What is a Birth Doula and Birth Doula Services?
A doula’s purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.

  • A doula will help you track your birthing sensations. 
  • A doula will help you get settled and create a comfortable soothing environment. 
  • A doula will work with your partner to help you through each contraction.  She’ll help your partner feel confident. 
  • A doula will wipe your brow and remind you to breathe.  She’ll squeeze your hips and encourage you, not just with words but her whole body. 
  • A doula could snap the occasional photo to capture those sweet moments!    
  • A doula will guide you through your first round of breastfeeding.  

I will share in your emotions and step back while you enjoy those precious moments.  I will tidy up and quietly with warm wishes, excuse myself to let your new family enjoy Your New Birth!  

Other Services offered are: 

Blesssing Way Party Coordinator

Belly Castings

Birth Plan Consultant

Embracing Your Womb-anhood

During friendly conversation I could help you reconnect to your woman power through your menstrual cycle. This might help you tap into your true feminine power to possibly balance out your fertility, moods, and relationships. Your womb-cycle should be important to you and others.

My Blog

Angela Campano CB(DONA), CBE

About Me


I am Certified DONA  Birth Doula, CB(DONA), Certified Happy Birth Way Childbirth Educator, CBE, Trained in Reiki and Labor Dance.  I am a Licensed Esthetician.  Born and raised in Florida, my upbringing was challenging to empowering. I am enjoying  and learning about marriage with Tony for 24 years. I am mother to E. Maximus, Chaz , and Skyla. I did not look for this business of Childbirth, this business found me through my own personal experiences. It is dear to my heart.

I experienced four different births.  My First New Birth without a birth doula and minimal childbirth education; 21 hours in length, 16 hours of it under numbing, non-progressing epidural, where myself and my husband felt alone, lost and broken. My outcome was one of Joy and Determination to not repeat those negative birth emotions again.  A miscarriage strengthens my marriage and leads to My Second New Birth. Submerging myself in education, My Third New Birth was a natural, amazing, well supported, well-educated labor with the outcome of C-section due to an emergency. Despite the Cesarean, I realized the Power I, as Woman have inside. My Fourth New Birth was a supported, spectacular VBAC and which I now considered myself as an Ambassador for VBAC’s. 

My goal is to help mothers empower themselves through childbirth knowledge, labor movement and a well-supported labor.  My experiences and my continuing childbirth education is providing my clients to have their New Birth supported and informed. Creating a positive, informed and pampered birth is what my clients get. 

I, Angela am a mother, wife, artist, dancer, poet, writer and volunteer. I love being around my nucleus, nature, animals, and understanding life every.

I speak English and Spanish.Click on my About Me page to read my whole journey.  

Your New Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula 

  • The Informed Pampered Mama
  • The Well Supported Mother
  • Day of Labor Birth Doula Support
  • Birth Planner Helper
  • Blessing Way Party Planner
  • Belly Casting Artist

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Your New Birth the Happy Birth Way Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Classes         *Now Introducing  Your Labor Dance 

B irth with Confidence

I dentify Your Own Preferences for Labor

R especting the Process

T rust You Have the Knowledge

H ormones We Can Use to Our Advantage 

Private classes - designed for what you want and need to know for your choice of birth

Group Classes -  Sign up for  

fun, engaging, educational classes 

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