Your New Birth & Dancing for Birth - Childbirth Classes


Childbirth Classes the Happy Birth Way

As a Certified Happy Birth Way Childbirth Educator and Dancing for Birth, I, Angela Campano DFB, CBE, CD(DONA) will help prepare you for your upcoming labor journey. The Your New Birth Childbirth Education Classes are designed to help parents with: 

· Breath and movement for pregnancy and labor 

· The physiological process of labor 

· Partner support 

· Pain relief: medical and natural 

· Birth place options 

· Medical variations 

· Labor induction: medical and natural 

· Intro to baby care 

· Intro to breastfeeding 

No matter where a woman is planning to have her baby, and no matter what type of birth she is planning, Happy Birth Way classes will help her prepare her mind and body for the intense event of labor and birth. 

Experience Your New Birth the Happy Birth Way  & Dance Your Baby out with Dancing for Birth Classes

Your New Birth Services  Childbirth Classes in Bradenton, Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, Florida  

Private or Groups Classes Available 

B irth with Confidence

I dentify Your Own Preferences for labor

R especting the Process

T rust You Have the Knowledge

H ormones We Can Use to Our Advantage 

Birthing is powerful & each one is unique to you.  

Positive, Nurturing, Respectful, Supportive, 

Understanding choices await you &

​Your New Birth


Dancing For Birth 

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Understanding your Womb -Menstrual Cycle Phases Helper, see below

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Embracing Your Wombanhood

Understanding Your Womb

Understanding the womb and your womb cycle (AKA menstrual cycle)  is a great tool to understand yourself.  We all have different seasons in our daily lives. Understanding the seasons in just one month (26-30 days) could give us the knowledge we need to deal with daily situations. Learning more about your cycle could enhance your love life, relationships and time management.  Learning more about your womb could help with fertility. Your New Birth Wombanhood

You have a Friend in Me.

What to expect-

  • Let us sit and chat about you, your womb-cycle and begin to chart your path.
  • We will discuss womb-an seasons and help you possibly identify yours.
  • We will discuss your nutrition, stress levels, physical activity and relationships (family, work, or loved ones)
  • We could create a plan to help you in your daily life.